British Aviation Preservation Council

Founded in 1967

The BAPC, formed in 1967, is the national body for the preservation of aviation related items. It is a voluntary staffed body which undertakes a representation, co-ordination and enabling role.
BAPC membership includes national, local authority, independent and service museums, private collections, voluntary groups and other organisations involved in the advancement of aviation preservation in Britain. A number of overseas aircraft preservation organisations have affiliated membership.

The activities of the BAPC include:

  • Quarterly Council Meetings hosted by member organisations
  • Maintaining the BAPC Logbook which contains contact information, advice etc.
  • Encouraging “Best Practice” in member organisations
  • Organizing a Parts Finder (Wants and Disposals) system
  • Maintaining The National Aviation Heritage Register
  • Maintaining the BAPC Register of ‘Anonymous’ Aircraft
  • Developing and implementing a National Aviation Heritage Strategy
  • Organizing “Stopping the Rotヤ conferences and seminars dealing with preservation issues
  • Providing contact information for access to specialist help.
  • Publications about Britain’s National Aviation Heritage and how to preserve it
  • Providing free and low cost training courses for member organisation’s volunteer staff.